Bora was born in 2011 as a traveling project in progress. Based on the cooperation and the interaction between visual arts and music, it consists of a 40 minute video that acts as a visual for a live concert.
The video was shot in the Karst area, in Rosandra Valley, an area characterized by a rocky and rough appearance, tough and at the same time fascinating. Violent gusts of wind mess the landscape , infusing the nature of a vital flow, both unexpected and shocking. The noise of the wind, with its gradations of intensity accompanies the images of an overturned landscape, the main subject of the film. This scenario serves as backdrop to the live performance of musicians, with whom Ancarani establishes from time to time artistic collaborations.

Some of the musicians that collaborated are: Stephen O’Malley, founder of several groups of drone, doom metal and death / doom including Sunn 0 ))); the young talented Lorenzo Senni; Der Weze , the last sound project by Nico Vascellari; Mika Vainio, one of the two components of the Pan Sonic, the Finnish electro -minimal group of the 90s.




live score: Primitive Art, PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milano, Italy
April 14, 2023

live score: Stephen O’ Malley, Weird tales, Ravenna Festival 2011, Rocca Brancaleone, Ravenna, Italy
July 4, 2011

live score: Der Weze, Lorenzo Senni, Sissy Biasin, Codalunga, Vittorio Veneto, Italy
July 8, 2012

live score: Mika Vainio, Futuro Presente Festival, Mart, Rovereto, Italy
June 14, 2013

live score: Lorenzo Senni, Heart of Noise, Innsbruck, Germany
June 8, 2014

live score: Domenico Crisci, Dave Saved, Filippo Scorcucchi for Codalunga and Elsewhere, Ex Aula Bunker, Casa delle Armi, Rome, Italy
November 15, 2014

live score: Samuel Kerridge, Robot Festival, Bologna, Italy
October 10th, 2015



ART CLUB #7 / Memoires d’été, curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto, Villa Medici, Rome, Italy

“Museo Chiama Artista”, curated by Ludovico Pratesi and Angela Tecce, AMACI Museums, Italy

Art Basel, Hong Kong, China

"Bora" installation view
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"Bora" Posters
Yuri Ancarani, Bora feat. Primitive Art, PAC Milano 2023. Courtesy PAC Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea. Foto Lorenzo Palmieri
Stephen O' Malley, Ravenna Festival 2011, Rocca Brancaleone, Italy 2011